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Peruvian Journeys was founded in January 2013. Our founder Malu Muñoz has worked for many years as manager of Top Adventure companies in Peru and Ecuador and High End Tour Operator in Peru. Her goal is to offer independent travelers the best possible experience.
The small but professional Peruvian Journeys team will help you discover the diverse and amazing Peru destinations. We create exceptional experiences for independent travelers , with top quality regional hotels, outstanding private guides and unique excursions.
We work with great passion discipline and knowledge not only to show the best of Peru but to allow you to feel it with all of your senses. 
Peruvian Journeys cares about every little detail of your trip we strongly believe that those details will create a once in a life time experience.

Why travel with us.
You will have an outstanding trip! Our trips will help you to get to know this extraordinary country up close. When planning a trip there is a lot to figure out: which local guides and operators you can trust, which hotels really stand out, how to find out out of the way highlights, how to get from place to place, to name just a few.
Peruvian Journeys allows you to leave all of this issues in our hands while you focus on making the most out of your trip. You’ll enjoy the finest local hotels, carefully chosen to reflect the best of what the country has to offer, whether you prefer a simple B&B style inn, a refined boutique hotel or an exceptional jungle lodge or some combination of all of the above.
You will enjoy the company of the best local guides, who will give you a deeper appreciation of the local culture. Our guides will be happy to detour and make spontaneous changes to the itinerary to help make the absolute most of your time.
As a client you have control over how closely you work with us. Be a part of the step-by-step planning trip to create exactly the trip you want or just let us know your preferences. Peruvian Journeys team arranges exceptional experiences one of a kind and always with our clients in mind. We are careful to create itineraries suited to our travelers’ interests; just let us know if you want more free time built in, or additional nights in a specific location. 
Our aim is to create exactly the trip you want with unique and off the beaten path excursions.

We love what we do

Our Team is made by talented and motivated people. They all share one thing: 
 Love for Culture and Adventure!

Peruvian Journeys

Enjoy Perú

We love what we do.Our Team is made by talented and motivated people. They all share one thing: Love for Culture and Adventure!

Enjoy Perú

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